B-Online – online reporting system Login

B-Online is a free online reporting system for every client where all of our clients are able to find details about transactions and payments for 4 years:

  • POS and VPOS transactions on a same interface
  • Exportable data to analyse
  • Pay-By-Link function
  • Recurring payment function

Sign in

After contracting we send username and password in email from no-reply@borgun.com" to the given email address.

(It is possible that this email goes Spam/Not requested folders, depends on email accounts settings.)

Password modifing

After the first log in, you need to modify your password. In every 90 days the system will ask password renewal. Please keep it in mind that the new password can not be the same as it was in last 5 times.

Later on, after three false username or password entries the system will ban you out for 30 minutes and after that you have a chance to try it again.

What is a correct password? Contains min. 8 characters (with min. 1 capital letter and min. 1 number).

Forgotten password

In case you forgot your password, you can request a new one. Under the Log in there is a Forgotten Password button where you will be able to give your user name and the system will send you a new password to the registered email address.

You have a chance to give access to your accountant, please contact us and we will insure the access.

Card Transactions


After log in you will be able to see all the volumes, number of card payment transactions and commission fees.

Please pick your company name under the Merchant ID and push the Load button. The data will be displayed.



With multiply filter options you are able to see your settlements, e.g.: monthly, by date, by Merchant ID or by settlement circles.

The view of this window is suitable and all the data are exportable to excel or pdf and printable.

The settlement shows the transferred amount. Settlement exapmle: pdf cast.

Settlement circles: In the 4. part of the contract You can find the settlement circle which may be different in every client's case.

Batches (Daily Close Downs lists)

Here you can search for daily close downs.

Transactions (POS)

The list of transactions. Search by multiple filters: by batch, by settlement, by date.

Due Settlements

List of collected but not transferred transactions yet.

Exchange rates

If you accept different currencies with exchange, here you can find the MasterCard exchange rate. The transactions will changed based on these rates.


You can download settlements by the chosen period in CSV file.


Transactions (online payment)

In the case of webshops here you can check the successfulness of transactions and control the real payments or you will be able to see the not fulfilled transactions reasons.



The Pay-By-Link function is a userfriendly payment mode, where the customer could click on a unique link which goes straight to the payment page. The amount and the ordered product/service will appear on that page automatically. After the payment the customer will get an approval email about the successful transaction.

In the B-Online you will be able to create a link, after you added the amount to be paid and product/service. Then you can insert this link to the e-bill or you can email this link. To get this service you need to contract to online acceptance with B-Payment.


Chargebacks and Retrievals

Here you can see all the transactions which are involved in chargebacks and retrievals.

We recommend to check this surface weekly. In the case of chargeback or retrieval transactions please send all the connected documents to the chargeback@b-payment.hu (in the next 7 days from involved transaction notifications). With these documents we are able to prove the justice of transaction.If you have any further details regarding documents, please contact our customer Service on (ugyfelszolgalat@b-payment.hu or +36 1 793 67 76)

After this step the Customer Service and Borgun take care of the process and represent our Partner.


What the chargeback is?

The card payment solutions are safer day by day so the frauds are decreasing. As a cardholder the risk is really low if the appropiate precautionary measures are done properly.

But what about the Merchants? What is the risk of card acceptance for our Merchants?

In some cases the cardholder submits a complaint to their bank. Based on this complaint the bank of our partner (Borgun) has to start a Chargeback proceedings.

The two most common reasons of these complaints are:

  1. „I did not receive the product or service”
  2. „Someone abused with my card.”

Borgun take care of the process and represent the rights of our Partner.